Savage Mod-III in 25-06 Package – SOLD

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New Savage Model III Long Range Hunter in 25-06.

The Long Range Hunter wears a soft-to-the-touch composite AccuStock.

An Adjustable comb on its buttstock that customizes cheek weld so that the shooter’s eye aligns with the scope perfectly for every shot, regardless of body type, scope height or shooting position.

A consistent cheek weld is a key component of long-range accuracy.

Cheekpiece removed, the buttstock becomes a downward-sloping, straight-line rifle stock, but with a couple of 3/8″ holes drilled through it.

A look through those holes reveals that the stock is not hollow, but rather filled with polystyrene—another name for Styrofoam.

Also comes standard with an adjustable muzzle brake. The brake is a 2″-long, 3/4″-diameter steel sleeve that features 36 uniform, 1/8″-diameter ports. It’s partially threaded onto the barrel and pinned in place by the muzzle’s crown.

With a simple quarter twist, the shooter can choose whether to allow the gases to pass through the brake or not, effectively turning it on or off.

Fitted with a new Ziess Terra 3-9 x 50 with Leupold rings and bases.

Serial Number:H592663

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