Kick-EEZ Recoil Pad for PFS


This Pad is pre-shaped to fit straight onto the PFS.

PFS proudly introduces the Kick Eez Butt Pad. KICK-EEZ® sells a wide selection of shooting supplies and recoil pads made of Sorbothane®, which provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly. Less recoil reduces flinching, easing sore shoulders and cheeks and eliminates recoil in all shooting conditions. From shoulder to fingers, KICK-EEZ® has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help to adjust your “line of sight.”

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Fits mot models of the Ruger M77 Model 700 synth stock.

This recoil pad is made of Sorbothane® and can be ground just like KICK-EEZ® Grind-To-Fit pads.